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Recruitment Process

The job ads are published on linked in, Facebook, twitter, career sites and the eligible candidates are invited for interviews. The two staged interviews are organized with human resources and related department managers and if seen necessary, in order to designate the required candidate ability tests, personality tests and foreign language test are performed.

Performance Management

Performance management is carried out together with the staff, staff manager and human resources. Performance management process meetings are organized twice annually and in order to obtain the required feedback the process involves; selfassessment of the staff, manager's assessment of the staff and face to face meetings.

According to the outcome of the process it is determined whether there is a need for job training or not and if so, required planning is made. In addition, the performance criteria are consired for bonuses and salary increase rates.

Salary and Bonuses

Net salary system is practised and the payment package is calculated according to Hay Methodology Criteria based on the related position's work load, comparision results of similar positions in the market and qualification & abilities of the employee.